Musical Gift Guide for Young Violinists, Practice Parents & Teachers

Musical Gift Guide for Young Violinists, Practice Parents & Teachers

Music making and gift giving are two of our favorite ways to share love during the holiday season. So, we've combined the two with this musical gift list featuring presents that will delight and support the young musicians, teachers and practice parents in your life!

We are particularly happy to highlight products from small businesses like ours with similar missions to create joy and meaning in every musical moment. 

For the smallest violinists
1. A collection of whimsical music stickers to motivate and delight. $5.00, Bite Sized Violin.

2. An Octagon Rainbow Popper, to make repetitions more sensory and fun. $4.99, The Practice Shoppe.

3. An engaging music program-in-a-box subscription, for a gift that keeps giving. Starts at $50, Music Adventure Box. 

4. A Twinkl'in Foam Violin, for budding musicians who aren't ready for the real instrument quite yet. $14.99, SHAR Music.

5. A personalized violin ornament, to commemorate how much they've learned this year. $13.99, Christmas and City.

6. A Twinkle Mat practice mat, with Felt Foot Stickers that can be customized to every child's unique stance. 

For your favorite music teacher 
1. Vintage Classic Composer Playing Cards, for downtime in the green room. $20, bucketful. 

2. Our signature Twinkle Mat With Felt Foot Stickers, to set their new violin students up in style. $25.95, My Twinkle Mat

3. Bach Bach Funny Mug
, to make them laugh. $14.95, Alien Friends.

4. Cozy violin socks  (or these clever ones!) $16.15 and up, Redbubble. 

5. A thank you card to let them know how much they mean to you (this one is pretty, too). $6.98 and up, InkandChroma. 

For the style-conscious musician
1. Sterling Silver Eighth Note Stud Earrings. $9.49, The Practice Shoppe.

2. A one-of-a-kind case tag, so they'll never get lost in a crowd. $9.95, Southwest Strings.

3. A cheerful sweatshirt, because it's always a good day to make music. $35.99, The Harper House.

4. A blinged-out mute, because why not. $29.99/set of three, Musicians Friend

For the dedicated practice parent
1. A pretty bead counter to brighten up their music room. $9.99, The Practice Shoppe.

2. Posture cards, to make practice more fun. $5.99 - Meredith Strings.

3. An Amazon Echo Dot, to play their favorite music anytime, anywhere. $24.99, Target.

4.  A wood body massager (or this heated one), because they've been working hard. $9.99, Amazon.

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