We believe joyful violin lessons are effective violin lessons.

Set the tone for your students with Twinkle Mats—customizable violin foot charts that inspire focus and fun.

  • Violin student standing on Twinkle Mat violin practice mat.

    Elevate Your Violin Lesson Time

    Designed with helpful prompts and uplifting colors, Twinkle Mats create a joyful space for students to focus and develop excellent technique.

  • Simplify New Student Set-Up

    Twinkle Mats provide an effortless and polished practice mat solution. Spend less time on do-it-yourself violin foot charts and more with your students.

  • Tailor to Your Teaching Style

    Our original Felt Foot Stickers let you customize each Twinkle Mat to your teaching method and your students' unique foot position. Foot marking made simple, soft and sturdy.

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Bring My Twinkle Mat to Your School

Our Twinkle Mats and Twinkl'in Foam Violins are used by exceptional schools and music programs across the continent. For wholesale pricing, please contact us at hello@mytwinklemat.com.